Forest Ponds is a popular day ticket lake on the Isle of Wight. Located just 3 miles west of Newport the heart of the Island, set within the countryside and surrounded by wildlife. Forest ponds offer the day ticket angler everything from quick session to a fishing holiday.

Forest ponds have two very different lakes to suit all Angler’s


Once home to a 50lb common

Dug back in 1994 this lake is a bit of a mystery when is comes to stock! With a good head of upper 20’s and low 30’s gracing the bank weekly and a current lake record of 39lb 12oz. “ it’s the unknown of what’s in there that keeps the regular Angler’s coming back”.

The lake it’s self is very mature and has an abundance of features to challenge the angler with over hanging trees, marginal spots, gravel bars, weed beds and a island to fish to the Bottom pond really has it all.


dug around 2013 and stocked with 400 carp from vs fisheries. This lake is more of a runs water, With a large head of doubles and a current lake record of 24lb. All features are with in the lake bed as this lake is still getting established.

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