Can you tell me the benefits of joining please?

  • We are offering online bookings mainly aimed at carp fishing lakes. The main benefits for fisheries are:
  • To save you time spent answering the phone as we allow customers to check availability and book online 24/7. No more missed calls and missed opportunities when you are unable to get to the phone.
  • Prevent no shows, anglers pay up front to secure their peg and you can ensure that you don’t end up with an empty peg. Anglers also receive email reminders.
  • Prevent double bookings, we know you’re busy, it’s easy to accidentally book a peg out twice or forget to record a booking, our online booking calendar automatically prevents double booking.
  • To gain more customers, we will promote your lake via our site online and via social media and aim to be the first stop for carp anglers looking to book a swim. We will give you extra visibility of your lake.
  • Allow your customers to pay online rather than having to give card details over the phone or via email. Many customers are reluctant to give card details over the phone or via email and are used to paying online.
  • To give you an easier way to manage your bookings with a calendar, automated reminders, customer details and a mobile app to easily see your days bookings (apps coming soon).
  • Save you money on web developers. No need to pay for an expensive website redesign, you can share a link directly to your lake bookings page.
  • Ensure your bookings comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards by taking secure payments online.

How much does it cost?

  • We have a range of options to suit all needs, for full details view our Add my Lake page.

How do I sign up and how does it work?

  • You can sign up by filling in the list your lake form. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements and help you to create your listing.
  • Once your listing has been created and you are happy with it you need to connect / set up your Stripe account to begin accepting payments. We will guide you through this process.
  • You will have access to your seller dashboard and can submit edits to your listings and see how many views your listing has had. You will also be able to manage your bookings and customers from this page. You will also need to add your existing bookings to our system to ensure you are not double booked. If you need any help with it we will guide you through the process.

Am I tied in once I join?

  • No, we’d be sad to see you go but you’re free to leave at any time. We’d hope you would contact us before you leave to see if there’s anything we can do to help you.

How do I get paid and how quickly?

  • You sign up for a free account with our chosen payment provider Stripe and be paid immediately as soon as a customer pays. We don’t receive the money for your booking as it goes direct to your account with stripe and then our commission is paid to us from your stripe connect account, alternatively we offer a monthly fee for our service with no commission. Stripe is very similar to PayPal but offers lower fees for you, which is why we chose to use it. Stripe’s fees can be checked at

I want an online booking system for my own website or a complete new website, is that something you can offer?

Yes, we’re experts in web design and booking systems, we would love to talk to you about what services we can offer. This includes integrating our system in to your website or completely standalone systems.

What if my customer has to cancel and I need to refund them, will you refund the commission?

  • Yes we will refund our commission charge if you need to refund a customer in all genuine cases as we understand unforeseen circumstances can happen. Stripe’s card processing fee would not be refunded.

Do you accept listings for lakes in other countries?

  • We are currently accepting lakes which are primarily aimed at UK anglers, this means that we take payments in pounds (GBP). If you are happy to accept payments in pounds then we can list your lake. We will be happy to list lakes in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands and many more primarily in Europe. In future we would like to open this up to anywhere so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do you charge VAT?

  • We are not VAT registered and do not currently charge VAT. You are responsible for ensuring you comply with the relevant tax laws in your country as the payments are made directly to your account this is your responsibility.

Who are you?

  • We are Lake Bookings Limited. We are a UK company (Northern Lincolnshire) with over 30 years combined IT experience. Our love of carp fishing lead us to create this new and unique service. For more information see our About Us page or Contact Us.

Where can I find your privacy policies and terms and conditions?

I’m not ready to join just yet, can you keep me updated?

Yes, please join our lake owners mailing list.